Calibar Pharmaceuticals provides finest pharmaceutical products across India.

To manufacture the pharmacy products that are consumed by patients all over India - requires high standards and consistent quality assurance.

At Calibar Pharmaceuticals we believe that a challenge for any manufacturer of pharmaceutical formulations is to give world-class quality. Hence, in our quest for perfection, we have taken all the precautions - from the selection of the finest raw material, using state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing process to bring out the finished products.

All our products are manufactured as per the regulations and guidelines of the World Health Organization's “Good Manufacturing Practice” (WHO GMP). We implement this through our quality management system that is based on planning, implementation and control and guarantees safety and reliability ensuring that only the finest quality pharmaceutical products roll out of our facility.

Our other credentials include an ISO 9001: 2000 certification, USM PSA and USM PSA. All our products are trademark registered. The manufacturing facilities comply with Schedule "M". The production, QC / QA have adequate qualified and FDCA approved technical personnel. This firmly establishes that Calibar Pharmaceuticals is a manufacturer of finest pharmaceutical products.

Our independent unit backens the above initiatives which evaluates and reports the status of quality control and quality assurance. They give us the accurate results which help us in making the finest quality pharmaceutical products always.