Calibar Pharmaceuticals is pleased to support the various activities of social development. Through a series of many charitable activities we have earned respect in the community and in profession too.

Over and above our healthcare business, we also have a heritage of wider community involvement – social projects centered mainly in least developed areas of Gujarat and around the state. We organise free health check up and medical camps in these areas. And also provide free medicines to the poor and needy patients. Through our support for research and development activities we encourage our employees to play a part in the community.

Calibar Pharmaceuticals provides educational loans to student as well as educational services with guidance too. Through our charitable trust these services are provided to the needy students. Traditionally, we have not publicized our corporate giving activities in terms of monetary amounts, although we now report briefly on our philanthropic activities.

We aim to be a responsible corporate citizen of the country. We strive to meet the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility and to respect local customs and practices.

Besides creating and maintaining employment opportunities and supporting local communities through our taxes, we are an active corporate citizen in our community. We encourage and, whenever possible, assist employees who want to get actively involved in their communities, while leaving it entirely up to our employees to decide what sort of volunteer service they wish to perform. By delegating responsibility for local activities to our affiliates, we try to be as responsive as possible to diverse cultural needs.

And there is no question that we have an important responsibility to our employees and therefore have to make them a focus of our sustainability strategy. Our employment policies and the commitments we make as an employer on the basis of those policies are a reflection of how seriously we take this responsibility.

Calibar Pharmaceuticals seeks to provide our customers with unique industry insight. This will be accomplished by supplying current, informative and thought-provoking educational programs and covering a variety of issues relevant to the business pursuits of pharmacists