The vision of Calibar Pharmaceuticals is to become the leader in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry by providing high quality and affordable medicines. We want to become a Global Brand with our commitment and dedication.


The mission of Calibar Pharmaceuticals is to create added value in healthcare industry by focusing on our expertise in Pharmaceuticals. This commitment is reflected in our business ethics, management culture and our social responsibility.


Accountability – We are honest and respectful in our actions. We adhere to the highest ethical standards of business conduct; protecting the best interests of employees, customers, communities and the environment. We stand behind our products and take ownership of our efforts to bring safe, affordable new pharmaceutical products to the market.

Commitment – We are committed to our customers, business associates as well as employees and work to earn their trust every day. We are passionate in our pursuit of excellence; driven by the unyielding desire to execute on our mission and to achieve our corporate vision. This commitment extends to every one of our operations, allowing us to achieve the highest possible standards in our processes, products and services.

Innovation – We feel nothing is impossible and that is why our employees take it as a challenge to make a difference in our company and in the products we bring to market. We continuously seek new solutions to meet the current and future needs of our customers.